Publiskā ārtelpa kā sociālās atdzimšanas veicināšanas instruments

«Pirmā „sociālā ieniršana” Ziepniekkalna urbānajā audumā




  1. Bet īstais Ziepniekkalns no Latvijas laikiem ir kvartālā ap Bauskas, Putnu, Dignājas, Staburaga, Graudu un Tumes ielām.

  2. Засыпать катлаваны рядом с Valdeku 61. Сделать там детскую и спортивную площадки, а так же бесплатную парковку. Все газоны во дворах машинами заставлены. Дворы должны быть перепланированы!

    • It is sort of crazy, right?! It’s a gradual build-up. You aren’t speposud to increase mileage by more than 10 percent a week, so that’s why it takes me months to build-up to 18 miles. It’s also why I only like to train for a marathon once a year or every other year. It’s too time-consuming. For beginning runners, I really like Hal Higdon for running plans, but I say start small and build-up slowly. Maybe try a 5K?

    • I LOVE that you’ve joined me in this cnllaehge! It sounds like it’s a huge issue with so many people. But so many places to draw the line (in the sugar!) but everyone knows in their own truth where their personal problems lie. Bread I can take or leave but a cookie never! (Although I just threw one away that came with my sandwich from Tony’s today go me!)