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  1. I **definitely** think you made the right call! That is an awesome park, but it can also be a delday one! Don’t eff with mother nature ’cause she’ll kick your ass! You’ll go again and on a day when you can totally enjoy the summit without fretting about death and dying!

  2. In cooking and bkinag, I generally only use unsalted butter and add how much salt I want to foods. The amount of salt in salted butter differs by the brand and even each stick, so I only use salted butter as a spread and unsalted in bkinag when more accuracy is needed. Salted butter may also have a higher water content, so the pie may not come out with the desired texture. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Karen, Great to hear that you will now get to see The Human Scale . To access ticekts all that you have to do is reserve / buy your ticekts via or go directly to Grand to purchase them if you are going to watch the film in Copenhagen. Enjoy the screening!