Publiskā ārtelpa kā sociālās atdzimšanas veicināšanas instruments





  1. I always scan.. The noraciwdre 24 mini muffin, bundt pan, cookie sheet, red/green/white mixing bowl set all scanned at 70 percent off, look for the red/white Christmas like label. The Wilton 4 mini loaf pan scanned too. None of this stuff was in the holiday section

  2. This is a wonderful Christmas gift has to do our lttile Roseline. As hours of fun to spend family building this beautiful mansion. Laughter, smiles and great moments that we will remember for a long time. And the time will pass and it will be sent to my children’s children

  3. Congratulations!! That is an amazing acpilcmoshment and I am happy to hear that your IT bands didn’t deter you from the race. I hope you have another chance to do it and Kill It as you say. I have no doubt you could get under that two hour mark next time. Look forward to reading more about the race.