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Lauma Lidaka

Lauma Lidaka

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  1. Dear Lauma Lidaka,

    I used to live and work in Riga for several years, and have been engaged with research on food assistance in Riga. I have met you before in the past and you provided me with useful information as to how the system of food assistance works in Riga, and how household food insecurity (lack of access to food due to low income of citizens) is addressed in Riga, by the institution you work for and in general. I am writing to ask whether you might have time for a brief meeting, to discuss, how has this system evolved over time, since then.

    I am in Riga and can pass by for a brief meeting, at your convenience.

    I do not have a telephone number here as yet, however I can be reached via whatsapp on 0031636504482 until I get a mobile number. Otherwise reachable via email: sunnyrijnaarts©gmail•com.

    Kind regards / Vriendelijke groeten,
    Sunny Morrison-Rijnaarts
    tel mob : +31 – 6365 -04482
    Rural Sociology Group – Wageningen University