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Ints Mengelis

Ints Mengelis


  1. GU gels are awesome. You can buy them at most spitnorg goods stores, and sometimes even Wawa’s Sometimes I wear a SPIbelt(aka in my Bat Girl get-up) but during BSR this year I just held the GU because, naturally I forgot my belt. Vanilla Bean is good if you hate sugary tastes, or Espresso. If you want to drink energy, try CytoMax. AMAZING. So much better than gatorade.

  2. I watch 2 girls everyday and to have this well I would be The Best NaNa ever. I am most ectxied to see the inside and decorate Barbies house and most of all just to see Barbie in Mega style oh was I suppose to ask the kids LOL

  3. It must be difficult, Kraig, to be the one neat prsoen in a family. I can’t claim to be that I have a fairly high tolerance for clutter, so when it passes my threshold, it’s pretty darn messy. We’re not quite at the packing stage. We’re going to be getting rid of a lot of stuff and I am dreading the anguish over which toys can come and which we won’t have room for ..Thanks so much for your comment!