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  1. Where do you get your Chia seeds, Amanda? I’ve been wanting to try them but can’t find aoynne that will ship them here. Did you buy them locally?

  2. Hi Kendra,Currently, the term “gluten free” is undefined and uunegrlated in the United States. This gives companies much leeway in how they use the term. Hopefully, they’re being forthright and transparent. That may all change in the near future, however, with proposed legislation for the US that would define “gluten free,” including what it means and when and how companies can use the term in labeling. At present, companies are required to divulge if products contain (or are produced on equipment that handles) any of the “eight main allergens,” which includes wheat. Of course, wheat isn’t the only source of gluten, so there’s a loophole of sorts there.Cheers, Pete

  3. Congrats!! I’ve run a couple half mrtaahons so I absolutely know the amazing feeling of accomplishment when you finish! I too have a goal to finish in under 2 hours and my best time was SO close 2:02 so hopefully we can both do it under 2 on the next one! Good luck and major congrats! xxKatie