Publiskā ārtelpa kā sociālās atdzimšanas veicināšanas instruments

«Telpiskās koncepcijas un līdzdarbības dizains. Publiskā konference




  1. So I was going to groan because it was Barbie, but damn that looks like fun! It look like Lego’s, is it? And you’re right, at least they have to use their iniaangtioms and make up conversations and scenarios instead of video games. I think it’s really cool. My son, when he was young, loved Polly Pockets and we got the pool and filled it with water. That’s the best part! Come on Candace, you’re missing out! lolHeather

  2. It’s fun to see what a CrossFit participant wants. I don’t even know what that wrap is. Ha! And I love the looks of the WaveRiders. It makes me want to wear them. I patrnoe so can’t. Sad day.

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