Publiskā ārtelpa kā sociālās atdzimšanas veicināšanas instruments

«3.semināra programma 21.-23. oktobris




  1. You sounds like you are in great shape for this race! I’ve been pyialng around with mid-run fueling and keep coming back to GU sports beans just don’t seem to give me enough and while I like Chomps I’m not coordinated enough to chew and run

  2. You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion evrheweery!

  3. He really knows how to mpunailate you so he can do what he wants. If he knows you will clean up after him and that there will be no consequences he won’t do it. If you want things to change you are going to have to deal with his being unhappy about it. ANd so will he. You’re not asking him to do anything out of the ordinary. It’s not fun but kids have to learn to clean up after themselves. Good luck!